I am so thirsty

Photo by Erik Torres on Unsplash
Allow me to speak the truth one more time.
The truth is that this entire bag of bones 
felt since the moment I met you.
Because how else can I explain this lust and fire that burns me
Without ever stopping, 
This thirst like I have never drunk before
This feeling of emptiness when you are not here 
This desire to see your pretty smile 
This wanting that makes me vulgar
Your elegance stops me from acting like an animal.
I need you, 
I crave for you. 
I knew you before, 
I had you before 
You were mine for so long 
And yet I am still thirsty, 
And yet I crave for more
Oh, lord, 
Give me back my soul. 

Rating: 5 out of 5.


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