The stages of a tulip

Photo by Kier In Sight on Unsplash
In this life, I absorbed each experience one by one.
In the sun, in the wind, through the storms or the calm.
I tried to get better and push through.
Even if I didn't know where is going to lead
Who knew it would bring me to you?
In the beginning, it was nothing.
Just cold and darkness and a bulb of hope
It was the fall of all the seasons,
The first of so much more to come.
I didn't know it was possible
to die and somehow be alive.
I was so broken, miserable and selfish
Stepping on others to rise above.
And then, after many months of suffering and getting broken
The great winter came and froze me in place.
I was so numb, so empty I could not feel.
Everything was beautifully silent and still.
Finally, peace and serenity came and embraced me.
And I was finally not feeling anymore.
And I slept and slept so much that everything started to heal
And before I knew it, I woke up
And I started again to feel.
That's when I found you, and you made everything make sense
Because that's all this poem is about,
How you forgave all my crimes, how you loved me so much
That a bulb of hope went through the fall
so that in spring become a tulip.
What I was before you,
you knew,
who knew?
And know, all a tulip wants is to be picked by you.
Always, you.


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