Letter to my younger self

Photo by Sai De Silva on Unsplash
If I could say something
to my younger self.
I will say keep going,
Don't give up on yourself
but please, please give up on them.
They will never change,
they will just eat away your innocence.

Don't give up on your dream
of becoming the best lawyer in town.
Don't let them take that away from you
Just because it doesn't line up with their plans
of you becoming a doctor.

Don't give up on your optimism
Not even when they treat you like a full grown-up
And ask you to be punished for your mistakes.
Don't let them get you angry
Don't let them make you aggressive.
Fight back against them.
I know it hurts like hell
But just learn and get out from there
Don't stay longer because of your need to save the others there.
when you have a change, please, please run.

Don't give up
I beg you
You are aware of what happens.
So don't give up on hope
That you will meet the perfect one
who will love every single part of you
who will cry at every story.
Stay alive.
He will love you
like nothing before.
Just don't give up on you,
on me, on us.
Stay alive.


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