Photo by Omar Lopez on Unsplash
Once upon a time, there were two friends
She was in love with him
He was not.
She tried to fix him.
but it didn't work.
She ends up being broken
And he broke again her heart.

Once upon a time, there were other two friends
He knew her since she was a baby
Since then his purpose was to protect her.
She didn't need him to do so.
So one day they just stopped speaking.

Other time, there were two friends
Both of them loved each other
They were too scared to act upon their feelings
They tried too hard, too much to cover-up
That they forgot why they loved each other in the first place.

Some other time, these girls were friends.
They both fell in love with the same girl
And started hurting each other.
One of them won the girl's heart.
The other one just walked away.

There are so many friends out there
Who at some time they just forget how to be friends
When they should  to just keep it simple,
and Love and respect their friends.

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