The Gargoyle by Andrew Davidson

The Gargoyle is my favourite novel of all time. Has been published in 2008 and ever since blows away its readers and gives hope that true love will find all of us sooner or later.
It’s a twisted story and might seem tricky to read. It’s about love which passes the test of time and space. It’s about hope. It’s about hell- literally. It’s about finding each other. It’s about progress.
This guy- one of the main characters, doesn’t have a name, finds himself stuck in a position drastically different from what his life used to be.
He is losing everything that he cared about although isn’t that much, only to gain true love.
Well maybe this sounds easy but in reality, this is hell.
He is a former pornstar who cares only to make money and have sex. He doesn’t care about people too much (which I guess is fair considering his childhood and his adolescence), is vertebral and sarcastic and he meets Marianne Engel who is nothing like this.
She is wild, intelligent and artistic.
When they meet she explains to him that they knew each other in a previous life and not only that! They used to be lovers after she gave up being a nun and the only reason why they meet again is for her to save him.
What does he think about all these ideas? Well, most of the time he thinks that she has mental problems and the way she is acting sometimes it’s not balancing in her favour.
But he is stuck in the hospital with no one else around and slowly he falls in love with her.
Why do I like this book so much?
Do you still need more reasons?
Because I find Marianne Engel fascinating. Her stories and her way of being made me fall in love! She is sensible and caring.
And him? The man without a name? You can see his evolution from being a guy without a heart, superficial, to the person who is forced to express his feelings through actions other than sex, who loves so much that he understands why he needs to let her go!

If he lets her go, or what he has to go through to realise this.
What is their story from the previous life and what is his hell?
You can answer all these questions just reading it!
When I finished the book I couldn’t believe that it’s just fiction.
It’s available on Amazon so if you want to buy it don’t think twice!

Here is the link:


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