I deserve to relax!

Photo by Irina on Unsplash

Recently I have been doing changes in my life.

Doing plans, I am trying to wake up at the same hour and eat at certain times because I am involved in many activities.

I need to find time to do everything, so I have to set up daily tasks.
I wrote before why it matters to create a plan so today I am not going to speak about this;
Instead, I will speak about my recent discovery which might seem silly for you, but it’s really like I am finally waking up:
I deserve to relax! I deserve to take a break from all this chaotic life. I deserve it!
My partner always reminds me that I work so hard but for me, it is not enough.

I always have something to do, something planned and when I don’t I feel guilty and I can’t enjoy my breaks.
But guess what! Taking a break is not the same as procrastination.

On the contrary! It’s part of the process. We, as human beings, we need to detach from work and stress.
So I plan to take some time off, to relax, to see my family, watch Netflix and maybe even go on a trip.
Because this life is short, and If I work hard I deserve to rest.

And you do too!
Let’s eat that piece of cake, go for long walks and rest our body on the grass in the park or lay in bed all day.

Let’s go to the beach and feel the sand between our toes.

Let’s do some jogging if that’s what we enjoy, let’s play games, read a book or watch a movie.

Let’s do what we really enjoy. Let’s treat ourselves!
We should! Don’t you think?


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