The struggling of writing poetry

Photo by Nika Akin on Unsplash
I want to write a poem again
It has been almost two months
And I wrote one almost every day.
I just had a day when I didn't.

It is hard to write sometimes.
I used to write only when I was sad.
But then I grow up and I am not sad anymore.

I used to offer advice in my poem
But poetry shouldn't be about advice and teaching.
Should make your heart tremble
Should make your soul bleed.
Should shock your entire being
Should wake you up from daydreaming.
Should root you in this life.
Should make you just want more.
It shouldn't just teach you how to.

I am the most organised person I know
And still, I am the messiest one.
I have so many people living inside me.
The one that likes order.
The one that likes to play.
The one that is still Gothic from 2012
and the one who is a grown-up woman
Who wants to innovate and learn.
And many more.

And every one of them.
Writes a different type of poetry.
How could I say no?
When I am every one of them.
I want to write a poem.
Maybe I should make a plan.
Or maybe I should go with the flow.
Maybe I should just let go.
Or maybe I should just write.
Another poem.
And I will see tomorrow,
what will be the next one?

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