The Witch of Portobello by Paulo Coelho- Review

What I mean is that if you’re not in touch with your roots, you feel as if you’d lost touch with the world.

The Witch of Portobello by Paulo Coelho

If you are into fiction novels with a bit of philosophy, then this novel is clearly for you.
I am not a big fan of Paulo Coelho, but this story made me read it in a couple of days without being able to stop.
The reason could be the main character being a gipsy born in Transilvania; could be what I learn about a culture that I was not aware for such a long time; could be that it’s about passion and complete dedication or could be because the main character is a fighter and her journey is unbelievable.
Either way, this novel is so intense that I didn’t want it ever to finish.

This is the story of a girl who is adopted and raised in a completely different culture and society.

Her whole life tries to fill up the hole from her heart.
She falls in love at an early age, has a child and an unhappy marriage which ends in separation.
She has strange abilities of premonition and manipulation.
She is attracted to divinity and tries to find her true self.
This novel is about her journey, how she learned to enslave her ego and free her power.
She is going back to her origin, to Transilvania and learns about the gipsy community and culture.
She embraces all that she learns and applies it in her day to day life.
And not only that: she teaches other people to do the same.
She became a goddess.
And she is willing to die for what she believes in.

With great power comes great responsibilities and danger.
I strongly recommend you to read it!
I have to admit that it’s not that easy to read as it’s written somehow backwards; you need to be patient and completely focused on all the details which are not a few.
You will hate her and maybe laugh at her.
If you relate with her, if you are searching the answers about divinity and faith then you can understand her better and start loving her as I do.
You will find true love and total dedication for the Truth.
And even if you are not a religious person you will still find this book full of emotions and passion.
You can buy it from here:

If you already read it what do you think?


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