Nothing left to say

Photo by Camila Quintero Franco on Unsplash
Sometimes I wish to forget how much they hurt me
To forget the pain and go to sleep
And maybe then, in the warmest and softest touch
I will drown
and wash the hate away.
To wake up, a new person
Who can call her mum,
and when she answers to be a sweet voice
that sends love,
not stabbing words.
Who is there when the world isn't fair.
Who doesn't just looks from far away
how her daughters, cries and suffers
but who fights all the demons away.
Sometimes I wish,
To have a normal mother,
a normal father who doesn't put me down
whenever he can.
To have a family that I can visit
and love, and speak with proud about.
Instead, I have a family,
that I chose by my heart.
And I fight for a day
When someone will call me their mom.
And they will know,
That no matter what will happen
when they call me, they will get love,
support and understanding.
I won't put them down no matter what
And I will fight till my last breath for them.

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