The end of the World

Photo by Cristofer Jeschke on Unsplash
I had a dream last night.
The world we know was ending,
And someone else was taking control.
We had to run, and isolate ourselves,
somewhere between animals.

Some of them were trying to show
who has a higher intellect,
and others were acting like savages.
I was not scared,
the blood was pumping through my veins.
And I had you and our family to protect.
We fought against them, we thrive,
However, we got beaten in the end.

This is like any war that happened before.
The change will happen in this world.
No matter who tries to stop it and fight against it.
Who will be smart will change and adapt.

And I am content
I know that life on this planet might end
But the end of the world will never occur.

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