Please, make it rain!

Photo by Rich Soul on Unsplash
Why did you stop the rain?
Make it rain again!
I am not ready to see them happy without me.
I am not ready for them to have a sunny day.
Make it rain again.

So many years they bought rain for my days.
So many days I cried and hurt with them.
And when I left, I finally discovered
that I was bringing rain to them
As much as they were bringing it to me.
Why are they so happy now?
Why don't you make it rain?

I understand that without them
I have a better chance to smile.
But how can they, without me
To smile?
It is so toxic, I am addicted…
But maybe that's what I need:
Them happy.
So I can finally move on
and enjoy a good day of rain.
This time without toxicity and pain.

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