A poem for Ella

Photo by Georgiana Barbu on Unsplash
My dear friend Ella,
I am writing to you to make sure
that you will stay in eternity.
It is a bit unusual I will admit,
I believe is better than our old emails
And our papers on fire at 5 am.
Did you smile yet?
How could I say that I adore you
And my heart is belonging forever to you.
So many memories,
So much more fights.
So many makeups and times when we ended drunk.
We have so many songs to sing
And so many places to visit.
After all these years, I know that you are true
As I am a believer, in us, in me and you.
My dear friend Ella, do not get shy.
I have so many to say to you.
And I will when I will see you again.

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