Photo by Akemy Mory on Unsplash
I have a secret to tell
Sometimes, I am scared.
About him leaving
About me losing my mind
and myself
and my shoes.
Sometimes, I got overexcited
And make plans for our future
I name our child:
Little Arthur
and I see our house
On the beach
Not too big,
just enough to fit our love.
Sometimes I am getting tired
And I sleep like 14 hours.
And he is there.
And my secrets,
are his
And he doesn't judge.
Sometimes I am mean
And judging everyone else
I say that their kids are ugly
And most of the times I mean it.
But so much many more
I am not.
I have more than a secret
This is obvious, isn't?
But so does everyone else.
I am happy with who I am
And with my thoughts,
and with him
and with our little Arthur.
in a house, on the beach
not too big, just enough to fit our love.

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