Dear first love

Photo by Ava Sol on Unsplash
I am thinking about you again,
my first love.
Like never before.
Not to discredit you,
or make you sad.
I don't even intend to stress you out.

I would like to tell you something.
Love the one that you have now
Love and care for them
because the time is passing way too fast
Don't hold a grudge on those who lied you
Don't carry the emotional luggage
which we built together.
Don't carry the stitches that we made together.

You know why?
You used to be everything for me
We both did mistakes
I loved more than anything
and sometimes I lied to you too
I wanted you just for myself.
We shared almost everything.

And now?
After you ruined me
I found love again
And the time helped me heal.
From time to time I would think about you
Just to remember where I came from
Maybe I would even miss you sometimes
That's all I wanted to say:
Be happy and love those who you have close now.
Because I am doing the same..

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