Sometimes I am tired

Photo by Kenzie Kraft on Unsplash

2 Minutes Daily Writing no. 13.

Sometimes I am tired to do the right thing;
-Tired to smile
-Tired to fight
Sometimes all I just want to do is sleep.

Sometimes It’s hard to get through all of it
To get up and put back together
the pieces of your soul;

Sometimes it’s hard to blink or breathe
But every time I do it
And then again
I get better
and fight more
I am accomplishing
What I never believed
that I would;
Sometimes it’s hard
and it is okay!



  1. Loved this poem but why let society tell you what’s “right”?? Do what you NEED to do. Take an off day for yourself. Society’s sword and shield will still be waiting and you’ll feel much better. Much love💗🌸

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