Serving others

Photo by bruce mars on Unsplash

An old friend of mine used to say that when people will understand that we live to serve others then the peace will swallow this world!

And he is right!
In one of my courses, I read today something interesting about customers and how important they are for us.

How should we treat our customers?
With genuine care, respect and with the wish to fulfil their needs, showing respect and being there when they need us without excuses- they are the sole purpose of businesses and services.

In the same time, I was shocked when I realised that a manager can consider their team members as customers.

Could you imagine?

The quality of the team and the relationship within will increase so much!
And not only that but if we put in personal relationships, if we will treat people around us as customers, and treat them with respect and give them value for their time spent with us then maybe, just maybe, when we deal with actual customers we will care genuinely, we will serve them with the gratitude that they use our services/goods and we will make this world a better one.

Serving others is the secret.


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