Short Story- In the garden

Photo by Fabrice Villard on Unsplash

Here it is the last day of Scribe Tribe 10 Days Writing Challenge.
I am happy that I accepted the challenge, I definitely got some ideas that in the future might bring some beautiful projects.
Today I had to write a short story using ten words: Book, hot water, clock, yesterday, blue shirt, bicycle, garden, police, baby, darkness.
Enjoy! Thank you for being here these days!

She took the book from the shelf and went to the kitchen and put some boiled water into the mug. She loved how the berry tea was calming and relaxing her nerves. The clock was ticking at 9 o’clock.

A police car just passed by with the siren on. She wondered if someone is in danger. Just yesterday, the neighbours’ son, the one that always has a blue shirt has been hit by a car while he was coming home from work. He was riding his bicycle and someone didn’t notice him on the road. He was not badly injured, just a broken arm. At least he is not dead, she thought. He has a baby coming in a couple of months, would be a shame to grow up without a dad.

She knew better than anyone else how unfortunate is that.
She took her tea and the book closed the light in the kitchen and went into the garden.
She wouldn’t get a chance to read, the darkness of the evening was swallowing the city.


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