Letter for the girl with black hair from the train

Photo by Fabrizio Verrecchia on Unsplash

I never met someone on the train, never had the nerve to start talking with someone.
Instead, I settled with imagining things.
I imagine their life.
I imagine how their voice sounds or if they are having good friends.
I imagine if they are heartbroken, where they are going- a date or maybe to an interview.
I wonder what secrets they might have.
Once I saw this girl, with black hair.
She was having an agenda where were written questions for an interview.
She looked so nervous and I wished to tell her that I am sure that she will be alright. But I didn’t. I was imagining that she will be one day a CEO and that she won’t even remember that day on the train.

Thanks to Day 7 on Scribe Tribe 10 Days Challenge I have a chance to write her a letter.
She is the only person that I saw on a train that remained in my mind.

Hello there!
I am writing this letter hoping that the other day you did well at the interview. I sat next to you and I noticed how nervous you were. Don’t worry I am not a freak, most of the times I am just shy.
I am sorry that I didn’t talk with you then. It probably would help to calm your nerves. But hey, apparently when you are nervous it means that you care so they better hire you; if they didn’t… it’s their loss!
Take care of yourself and never give up!

-Lucid Sonder


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