Photo by Martin Sanchez on Unsplash

Scribe Tribe 10 Days Writing Challenge Day 6.
Today I have to speak about how COVID-19 affected me.

It’s been five weeks already since I am quarantine.
We are not working (I and my partner) as our stores are closed.
It’s been difficult for me to adapt with the lock-down, but as always I am trying to make the best from not the best situation.

Many of you know that I started a new project called 2 Minutes Writing and I am very proud of it.
I started writing poems as well, which I haven’t done in over 3 years.
I am growing my followers on Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and here, on WordPress and not only that but I started bonding with many of my followers and I think that is time to show to all of you my gratitude. Thank you for following me and for the support and appreciation that you show me!

And if I thank someone then I think that the NHS and medical professionals worldwide deserve a round of applause! Thank you for your hard work and care!

I will stay home and hopefully, this will all be over soon.
Please stay at home!


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