All you need to know about Atomic Habits by James Clear

Day 4 of Scribe Tribe 10 Days Writing Challenge asks us to choose a product, describe it and sell it. This type of writing( persuasive) is quite different for me, but this book changed my life so I will give it a go. You can add in the comments your feedback. It’s not something that I would necessarily want to do in the future but I want to improve my persuasive writing.

When was the last time you felt excited? When was the last time you read a book and started acting immediately?
When was the last time you wished to have more motivation to exercise more? To get healthier? To start that blog? To start that book?
Do you always start to get better but you give up after a couple of tries?
What if I would tell you that You can finally do it?
That you can finally find enough motivation to do it day by day and stick with your habits!

My story

I was in the exact same situation.
Procrastinating and bad habits were old problems. I knew the theory about how should I get rid of them, but I never took actions.
I was eating and snacking all day, especially now with the quarantine. No exercising, or eating regularly.
The house was a mess, I was a mess, feeling guilty of how many projects I started- the blog is one of them; without finishing it. I gained almost 10 kilograms in less than a month.
I was having fights with my boyfriend for stupid reasons.
I was in a vicious circle. Feeling miserable- bad eating-feeling guilty for not doing anything- finding excuses- feeling frustrated- feeling miserable.
I love my blog, but in March, you can see that I was barely posting.
I love my partner, but I was hurting him constantly.
All the small things were unbearable.
Until I started reading Atomic Habits.

International Bestseller

I realised what I was doing wrong.
I was trying too hard to overcome my problems, fixing just the results not the roots.
I was trying to get more healthy without exercising.
I was trying to get a healthy relationship with communicating.
I was trying to be a blogger without writing.
The book use a very simple principle: Don’t make a massive change, do a couple of small ones.

Atomic Habits is an international bestseller- this was not meaning anything for me before. When I finished this book I realised why so many people are buying it:
It is simply written.
English is my second language and sometimes when I read I struggle to understand all the words- using the context to understand what they mean. Atomic Habits is different.
Most of the chapters are having a real story about accomplished people that are using the same technique. This made it so much more fascinating for me.
It shows how you can create good habits, how to break the bad ones and why it is important to have good habits.


As results, simply applying the principles from the book:

1. I and my partner had a serious discussion and we decided to stop fighting and discuss openly plus before bed we adopted a little routine: saying why we are grateful for the day that passed.
This simple gesture, of saying why we are grateful bonded us and creates a relaxed atmosphere in the house and relationship. We have discussions now, not fights, where we say our point of view and try to find a compromise.

2. I started a diet and already lost 2 kilograms. I am not starving myself. I eat healthily and before every meal, I do 10 squats and 10 sit-ups. In the morning I jog for 1 minute and in the evening I do 2 minutes of yoga.
Maybe seems too less to matter. Well, it’s better than nothing and my plan is that once I manage to have these as habits I can increase the intensity.

3. I started 2 Minutes Daily writing while I just write for 2 minutes. This helped me to start writing. Without excuse, without struggling to get creative or find motivation. And after the first days, I feel so more creative, motivated and I can observe how the quality of my writing is improving. I am happy. I am writing!

What now?

Well, what do you think? Buy and read this book! You have every reason to do so!

Get the book from here.

Although the purpose of this text is to persuade you to get the book, all the personal stories are true.
I am living proof that the book is working.



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