Atomic Habits- Review

When I decided to stop being the Procrastination Queen, I found this book on the internet.
After I ordered it I got so excited and couldn’t wait to read it.
So here I am after I read it full of excitement to share it with you guys!

I am familiar with the planning, creating routines, changing the person that I am; My biggest issue is that once I got used to doing a specific task I get bored.
My problem is that I didn’t realise that I “have to fall in love with boredom”.
And James Clear shows in this amazing book: Atomic Habits why to became great at something you need to do it even when you are bored of doing it.
He explains why when we try to create a new habit we often don’t have success; how to break the bad habits and how to create the good ones.

If you are happy with every aspect of your life then this book is not for you.
But if you want to change something about you or your habits; if you want to keep yourself motivated while improving your life; if you want to get better with small changes than this book is for you!

So don’t wait any longer!
Here is the affiliate link where you can get this amazing book. (Affiliate means that when you buy this bestseller I will get some small commission without you needing to pay anything extra):

I have been absent for the last couple of weeks.
I didn’t felt motivated to do anything more than just watching TV and doing course work.

Thanks to Atomic Habits a new project is going to start tomorrow; It is called 2 minutes daily writing.
Being a writer is one of my biggest dreams, I know that the level that I am right now is not the best but I am here, fighting and getting better every day. In times like this, where death and fear are surrounding our lives I am trying to take the best from the worst situation and work on my habits.

Like always, you, dear reader are invited to watch and be part of my progress!


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