The Tattooist of Auschwitz

This is a truly emotional story about love and sacrifice in the time of the concentration camps at Auschwitz.

That true love and dedication between Lale and Gita it’s almost unbelievable.

Although is not focusing so much on the concentration camps, this book is worth reading it.

Very well written, gives readers closure as it presents the love story, the war and the feelings of the man who tattooed so many people in Auschwitz: Lale plus the stories of the people he met.

Lale is a jew from Slovakia; He volunteers to come to Auschwitz to spare his family. On the day of his arrival he is shocked by the process of tattooing:

The tattooing has taken only seconds, but Lale’s shock makes time stand still. He grasps his arm, staring at the number. How can someone do this to another human being? He wonders if for the rest of his life, be it short or long, he will be defined by this moment, this irregular number: 32407

Chapter 1, page 12; The Tattooist of Auschwitz

Knowing Russian, German, Czech, French, Hungarian and Polish helps him to get opportunities to stay alive.

That and the vow he made for himself, that he will get out of there alive.

Working hard and being smart he manages to get more easy jobs; when he becomes the Tattooist he uses his new benefits, like extra food ration and access to places in the camp to buy influence. Everything to keep his vow to stay alive.

When he meets Gita, he is the one who is tattooing the numbers on her skin. She is Slovakian as well, and without any of them knowing that’s how the story of their love starts. He is using the extra rations to help her and her friends. They see each other as much as they can on the Sundays when Lale is off. Their love is another reason to keep them alive and going through the hell they are living on.

Baretski is a SS Officer, just one year older than Lale. He is the one who makes sure that Lale is doing his job as the tattooist properly. And Lale manages to buy his trust. Baretski even helps saving Lale’s life; He is the one who pushed Lale to tell Gita that he likes her. He is a typical SS Officer, not too smart and abusing of his power.

Other person that helped saving Lale’s life is the young Cilka, a girl who is forced to became the commander’s mistress. The hell that she has to go through is called by Lale heroism, as she did what she had to just to stay alive. The writer of the novel, Heather Morris found her later one and wrote her story as well. Is called Cilka’s Journey.

During Lale’s staying he is making friends everywhere, that’s his secret. His influence growing and growing kept him alive and his kindness has been paid with kindens by other preasoners.

As I said earlier, this novel is hurting and gives hope in the same time, because you can see clearly how Gita and Lale survived mostly for their inner hope that they will leave Auschwitz alive to leave their love story. That’s why you should read it!

Here is the affiliate link for it, it doesn’t costs you any extra money, but gives me a little part of the costs. For just £3 you can have this amazing novel: .

And if you read it already, what do you think?


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