Our trip to Paris in November 2019

Do you remember your first trip abroad? Do you remember the excitement and all those emotions?
Obviously, moving to another country can answer these questions.
This time I am speaking about going on Holiday to another country!
In November 2019, I had the pleasure to visit the city of love: Paris.
I heard the stories. Who didn’t? The good ones and the bad ones.
I heard about the smell;
I heard that everything is expensive there;
I heard that is a beautiful city;
I heard that they hate the English people and pretty much any foreigners.
I heard about terrorism and hate.
And even so, I decided that I wanted to see it for myself.
Me and my partner, we were so excited to be there during our first anniversary that we didn’t care at all about the negative things that we heard.
And we were right!

Picture with the cheese.

In November, France doesn’t have the most perfect weather; even so, the rain and the cold didn’t stop us exploring.

We spent 4 days in Paris and we loved every moment.
We visited Bagnolet as our hotel was situated in that area.

There, we found a nice pub who served us very nice food and not only that but they were speaking english as well.

The second day we spent it in Versailles.

Unfortunately, we had to wait in the queue to get tickets for almost 2 hours.
Lucky me being under 25 years I had free entry.
The gardens and the palace were worth waiting for.

It took us around 3 hours to visit the castle.
After that, we spent the rest of the day in the gardens, there you could find coffee shops and restaurants but we decided to rent a boat and stay at the lake for a while and after that, we rented bikes and rode around the big gardens.

The third day we spent it walking around and visiting part of the main touristic attractions.

The football stadium- Paris Saint-Germain which was a must as my boyfriend is a big football fan I end up enjoying it as well. Big, luxurious and with a lot of lights. Being the first football stadium that I ever saw let me with a nice memory.
My boyfriend liked it as well so I guess that he knows better it is worth visiting or not.

The Champs Elysées was a nice walk, walking on the most popular street with the man that I love, what I can wish more for?

The Notre-Dame Cathedral, although was closed after the fire, is still an important architectural part of France and we admired from the outside.

After we saw the Arc of Triumph we ended our night with The Eiffel Tower. We had the tickets late, at 9 pm. Was cold, was windy and we were just hoping to get at least a nice view and guess what?
We did get an amazing view. However, was so windy that I was afraid that I will drop my phone so I just took a few pictures with way too low quality.

My boyfriend is a big football fan…

It didn’t smell bad;
It wasn’t that expensive- although we didn’t visit too many fancy places. And we got a good deal for hotel and flights.
It was a beautiful city! I am in love with Paris.
I didn’t feel hate from any of the people that we met.
And we didn’t have reasons to worry about terrorism either.

Have you been to Paris?
What do you think about it?
What is your most beautiful memory there?


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