5 Things that I learned from Marriage Story

Source: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt7653254/mediaviewer/rm2684656897

Marriage Story is a movie drama released in 2019.

The director of the movie is Noah Baumbach. 

The main actors are Adam Driver and Scarlett Johansson. 

Usually, I like to watch dramas, as I can get something from them; I can learn a life lesson.

And this is the case with Marriage Story. 

Scarlett played her role with so much intensity that I cried a couple of times. 

Adam’s character made me feel sorry for him, soo unable to see over his wishes and priorities and when he realised that he lost his wife, kept fighting for his son.

The story is emotional. 

You can see that they are better off without each other, although they are still in love.

The scene where they are yelling and fighting is the most intense part of the film. 

You can sense their love and, you can sense their hate. 

You can relate to this scene if you ever found yourself in a fight with the person that you love the most; all you care at that moment is to release your anger and hurt the other one because you are hurting. 

I have been there. It is not a pretty moment and usually hurts more after. 

Here are five things that I learned from watching this beautiful drama:

  1. If you compromise, make sure that it comes from both parts not just from you. Nicole compromised her wishes over Charlie’s about spending more time in LA and the frustration of not being heard and seen contributed to that rage that I was speaking about before.
  2. Make sure that is not only about work. Spend time with your better half and don’t neglect them. Give them attention, appreciate them not only when you are doing therapy. 
  3. Respect each others’ professional aspirations. There are couples where one of them offers support and the other one is the successful one- and that is alright. But if you both are looking for a career make sure that you both are respecting this. 
  4. Accept that the person near you is not perfect. Accept that sometimes might be better to break up than live in a constant drama. Might be hard, might be hell but sometimes love is not enough to keep two people together! And that is alright. 

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