Why and How to plan?

Estée Janssens

Why and How to plan?

I was saying in the previous post that for avoiding procrastinating it’s important to create a plan.

We are planning our emails before sending them, to make sure that they cover everything;

We are planning our parties or meetings to make sure that everyone is involved and is engaged.

We are planning our big events, like weddings to make sure that everything is perfect!

We plan what to wear on our dates, or what to do on holiday.

But is this enough?

Well, it depends, is this enough for you? If yes, then perfect.

But if no, then no, it’s not enough as planning can give you the best from a day if you are doing it smartly.

Conform to the Cambridge Dictionary, a plan means a set of decisions about how to do something in the future.

 Now that we know what a plan is and why it’s important we can see how to create a plan.

1.Set up a goal

Think about what do you want to accomplish,

add a deadline so that your goal can be measurable.

2. Divide the goal into specific actions which they have their own deadline.

3. For every action set up daily tasks that will cover all the small details.


1. I want to finish my  Hr Practitioner Course until 1 February 2021.

2. I have 12 assessments left, so I will finish one assessment per month.

3. 5 days per week I will work 30 mins for the monthly assessment.

Considering that an assessment takes around 12 hours to be completed-this time includes the research behind, until the end of the month I will have enough time for submitting and reviewing my work.

There are different ways and different tools to plan efficiently.

My favorite is Google Calendar, I can use it from my phone or my laptop, sends me a notification with the tasks that are due and gives me the possibility to add users to my events.

And at the end of the day when I tick what I’ve done, it gives me incredible satisfaction.

If you are not a big fan of using virtual calendars, you can try the paper ones or an agenda.

I use an agenda for writing in my diary and sometimes the feeling that gives me it can’t be compared with the virtual ones.

What is your favorite way of planning?


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