What is My Lucid Sonder?

My Lucid Sonder became finally real on 24 February 2020 after many years of dreaming and going through the hassle that it takes to create a blog and take care of it, without getting somewhere.

It is my first real love, which without even knowing combines all the other ideas and my growth of what I was not even aware that I have.

Sonder means the realisation that every person that is passing by has a complex and real life, exactly like me and everyone else.
In the same time, My Lucid Sonder is me, being awake and aware.

Here you, dear reader will see my ideas, my emotions and my thoughts.
My journey and projects where you can take part will be here as well, and if sometimes it happens to you to be lost in your thoughts, remember that you are not alone!
I am here for you, a person whose name doesn’t matter.
What does matter is that I am here, without judging and loving this life.

So welcome!
I am ready to start this journey and I am ready to write everything about it so I hope that you are ready to read!

#zerotohero #blogging #mylucidsonder #welcome #newblogger


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